Scenes from our house...

Built in cabinets in bathroom.

Sorry it has been so long since my last post. We were in Florida for a while for a wedding. I wish we were still there because the weather here as reverted back to February and it might actually snow tonight! Ugh! I'm so mad.
At least the cold weather made it a lot easier to work on my walls today but it's still depressing.

Spring! What happened to you? Come back to us!

In an attempt to catch everyone up on what our house looks like and also cover the fact that nothing as changed except for glue coming off the walls, today I am posting more pictures of some of the features that sold us on our house.

Today's special: the bathroom. The pink, purple and green bathroom.

I'll be honest, when we first started looking at houses we only knew that we were attracted to older homes and more specifically the bungalow style homes. When my eyes first met the pastel-ness of this bathroom, I had no idea that it was historically correct. Honestly, I just thought it was ugly.
I have since changed my mind. Even though our 5'2" x 7'8" bathroom is smaller than most closets of brand new homes (my in-laws are building a house and their shower is bigger than our entire bathroom!), I have fallen in love with our pastel lavatory. It is unique and yet another reminder of how we didn't fall prey to the larger, cookie cutter homes that other people our age tend to buy.
Not that there is anything wrong with that, of course, just not for us.
We will, however, have to do some updating to the bathroom. For one thing, the outlets are outdated. My hairdryer won't work even with the adaptors. The tub/shower is right next to our wood casing around the window and our wood built-in cabinets. For now it is okay, we have a shower curtain in front of the window that protects from water but I am worried about the moisture in general ruining the wood. We also need to add a fan for ventilation.
We have been tossing around ideas of how we will change the bathroom. I think the major things we'll do is change to a pedestal sink and perhaps a new toilet. The toilet is original but it doesn't really work all that well. It takes a lot of coaxing, which is really annoying when you have guests over. The other major thing is getting a clawfoot tub but we'll have to do something about the tile. I don't want to have to take out the tile but I'm hoping we will be able to match it with lots of patient research and probably a significant amount of money! Oh and, of course, we will eventually remove the wall paper. I'm not a flower pattern kind-of gal.
For now, it is a totally usable bathroom and we'll have to live with it a while longer before anything changes in there. We would like to have another bathroom before we tackle this one.
One more thing, there is a line of the pinkish-purplish tiles missing and someone replaced them with cheap, shiny white tiles. I would like to replace those but I am having a horrible time finding something that matches. This is probably the same problem we'd run into with the floor tile. Oh well, more research and that's always fun. For me anyways.


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Christopher Busta-Peck said...

You could always just replace the guts of the toilet. The parts in there now are 80 years old, so some wear and tear is to be expected. Also, this option is more budget-friendly.