bathroom accessories

we've finally purchased some items for the bathroom renovation project. how much do you love rejuvenation?? seriously.
we bought these lights and shades to flank the medicine cabinet.
we bought the metal shelf shown in the picture below. we're going to place it in approximately the same place as the picture too. our bathroom will be arranged very similarly to the one shown below.

we also bought coordinating towl rack and ring and some really cool arts and craft style house numbers for the garage.


a unique table

for those of you that read this blog i think you know that at irvington bungalow, we seem to do a lot more planning/wishing than actual purchasing items or finishing projects. why stop now, i ask you?
for years i've been on the hunt for furniture. mostly living room furniture and mostly for years because we have not had any extra money to actually buy the furniture yet. but also, it is because i want to have furniture that reflects our style, the period of the house but also pieces that not everyone has in their own living room.
as i've mentioned several times we have some beautiful, old weathered barn wood we're using for an outdoor table. i'm hoping to have some leftover for a living room table. something a la this:

from sundance, mentioned here in a previous post.
or this, below, from pottery barn.

when in doubt, google. the other day i typed in something akin to: handmade metal welded furniture. what popped up but Fosterweld. and can you believe that he is located right here in Indy? i emailed him to see if the table would be something he would consider creating for us when the time comes. so far, he has been so nice and down-to-earth. i think it would be so cool to have such an original piece of furniture in our living room!


outdoor lanterns (for my fictional outdoor dining space)

once i get started thinking about something, i tend to obssess a bit. can't help it, it is just in my nature. so i keep thinking about when my outdoor table is finished (come on, chad!) i can't wait to have outdoor parties.

a few years ago we bought some oil rubbed bronze string lanterns for the backyard. they're still in their boxes in the basement. the other day i bought paper polka dot paper lanterns that are super cute. i was trying to find pictures online for both of these lanterns and ended up finding a ton of other really cute outdoor lanterns. check them out.

all of the above i found at walmart.com. the top set looks super versatile because they could go with almost any decorating style. and how cute are the tiny coleman lantern string set? those are solar LED. maybe i should get them for my mom (she just bought a fixer-upper cabin in the middle of nowhere). the last image is of martha stewart paper lanterns that don't light up. that doesn't stop me from loving them. they would be great hanging from the ceiling of a baby room or for an indoor party.

finding the LED colemans made me groove on the idea of hanging solar LED string lights in the backyard. here are some interesting ones i found surfing the net (when i should be working).

i like the above because they are plain and simple and, again, versatile.

these are a little more decorative. the bottom two images wcan be found here and here. the last picture is handblown glass but i would want the amber color - more cozy and warm feeling.

and i my absolute faves are these lanterns handmade by an etsy artist. although they are no longer in her shop.


i want, i want, i want...

these chairs to go with my outdoor barn wood table chad is going to make me. i posted about the barn wood we inherited last fall for the table. you can see the wood here and what the table will look like.

i love how they are old timey looking. from crate and barrel. you can find them here. we'll probably have two benches and then two of the chairs.

and this umbrella, probably in an orange, red or green, from pottery barn.

and i want to put this on the table with candles in it. i found it at an antique store a couple of weekends ago.


walls like pottery barn

for once i've looked through a pottery barn catalog and said: wow, this looks like my house! instead of, ugh. i wish my house looked like this.

check out the wall in this bathroom:

in this pic the wall looks stucco or something but in the catalog it just looks like an old plaster wall. discolored and cracking. when i saw it, i felt an instant kinship. could pottery barn be coming around to our sense of DYI style? is it possible that the residents of irvington bungalow are actually trendsetters and not just a couple of old-house loving, idealistic, lazy, too-many-projects-not-enough-time/money/energy people?

take a look at my pottery barn walls:

but, wait. we have them in the living room too:

really. you have to have a sense of humor or the fact that my walls have looked like this for five years would drive me to tears on a daily basis. i have to go submit my house for the next PB catalog now.