Our first attempt at removing the vinyl wall paper. We quickly abandoned the wall paper steamer! June 2004.


Angela Jackson said...

Note the Propel Fitness Water a-top the ladder... a staple really! :)

keep up the good work!

My husband and I are also new to the blogging neighborhood and are out to meet other people who are going through a similar situation.

Angela Jackson said...

Oh, by the way... if you would like to share in our misery... join us at 'Midwest Farmhouse,' the link is at houseblogs.net


carmen said...

Angela: I would like to share in your "misery"! I can't seem to find the site. I'll keep looking. We're also interested in sharing in the home improvement plight with others! Thanks for looking at our site.

angela jackson said...

Hi again!

Our actual URL is:

because it is kind of a confusing address, it may be easier to just go to houseblogs.net, and click on 'alphabetical' under the Houseblog Webring heading. Again, it is called 'Midwest Farmhouse'.

We just started the website about a week ago, and it will be undergoing constant progression... as will the house. :)

Hope you can find it!