Light It Up

So it's been a few months since we've last posted. Despite the lack of posting on the blog, there has actually been work happening here at Irvington Bungalow. The work has not been happening all that quickly but it has been productive. Unfortunately (for blogging purposes) the work has been finishing up some loose ends (not literally speaking, of course) on the electrical project, which doesn't make for exciting blogging pictures. I guess I could post a pic of a wired outlet but honestly, who wants that?
Needless to say it has been more than exciting to have our pick of light switches and outlets to choose from. And to finally coil up those lovely orange power extension cords is really exciting! We still have a few more outlets to tackle but other than that everything is working. The most exciting part? We finally have our lights in the living room up and running!!

The picture below is of the recessed lights that we installed over the fireplace mantel.
The picture below is the same recessed lights but they are on this time. We decided to have a dimmer switch with these. They are so GREAT! We love them and are just what we envisioned 2 1/2 years ago when we moved in and saw this living room. (Uh, pay no attention to the patch jobs on the wall...we're ready to prime and then paint it is just a question of when now).

Below are the lights we installed opposite wall of the recessed lights in the living room. They are pendants that resemble the light we have in our dining room. These have a dimmer as well. Eventually the walls will be painted and then shelves will be hung on the wall below the pendants. We'll put family pictures on the shelves and this will also be a sitting area.

Close-up of the pendants in the living room.

Other work that's been going on: The ceilings in the living room and dining rooms have been repainted and hopefully won't need that again for a looooong time. We also installed a recessed light at the bottom of the basement stairs where there will one day be a landing once the basement is finished and the new stairs are built. No picture to share because it is just not a great picture (yet) but one day it will be! Rewired the dining room light and will rewire and reinstall the living room ceiling fan soon. And, finally, Chad has been working on the fence that will eventually be installed in the back yard.