flowers from our yard

isn't it such a great feeling to display a vaes of flowers cut from your own yard? this is my favorite vase, too. bought it at the penrod art fair last year. love the color.


My Fundraising Page

My Fundraising Page

Warning! This post has nothing to do with the house.

I'm running a half marathon in the fall (which is major news for me) and I'm also raising money for cancer research as a team member of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. If you would like to contribute, learn more and find out about my progress then follow the link above.

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paint decisions have been made (finally)!

does anyone read the onion? omg. i think it is SO funny. if you have ever struggled with decisions regarding paint then you have to read this article: "Study Finds Paint Aisle at Lowe's Best Place to Have Complete Meltdown". i was laughing so hard when i read it because it is so so true.

anyways, i thought that would be a good lead in to tell you that we've FINALLY made our paint color decisions for the living and dining rooms. we have even bought the paint. this should make me feel more comfortable that these will be our final decisions but we have already bought paint for these rooms and never used it. oh well.

the problem was finding the "right" shade of green for the living room. while our LR is large for the size of our house, we have really dark and wide wood trim throughout. chad wanted a darker green shade while i wanted a lighter shade. in the five years we've lived here we have managed to never paint the walls but to adorn them with about 8 shades of green and two shades of yellow.

the paint swatch collection has actually increased since this picture was taken in 2005. but the wall pretty much looks the same.
we've decided on a two valspar paint colors from Lowe's. Epic for the LR - a dark-ish green/tan color (very similar to the 3rd color on the right, above) and Lyndhurst Estate Cream - a super light creamy-yellow for the dining room. hopefully we'll be painting in a few weeks!

rain, rain go away

the rain we had over memorial day weekend didn't stop chad from planting in our newest bed.