end of june progress report

so here we are.  the last day of june.  fifteen weeks left until our little bundle of joy is set to join us here at irvington bungalow.  and where are we in the progress of work on this old house?  read on, my friends.

bathroom - we received the tile sample for the floor. 

this is the design and basically the colors. we put white pieces of paper over the gray colored tile the tile guy suggested we use (you can see it in the top row of the whole sample).  the picture on the right shows a hex shaped tile but that is just to portray the actual shade of white that the tile will be (since the paper was a bright, stark white).

in the next couple of days we'll order the tile. so excited and a bit apprehensive as this guy has been taking FOREVER to get back to us about anything.  so annoying.  but i'm trying to be optimistic that once he has a down payment, things will move more smoothly???  maybe???  hopefully!!

air conditioner - did i mention our A/C unit went out a few weeks ago?  yes, it has been a fun challenge to add that huge project to our list completely unexpectedly.  after four quotes, we finally found a wonderful contractor who helped us out and temporarily fixed the problem for us because it turned so hot outside.  we're getting a whole new HVAC system installed within the next week.  so excited.  complete with duct work to the attic and basement which will one day be finished out for living space.

chad poured a new concrete slab where the new unit will go.  he is so proud (and so am i).  it looks great!

and that's about all that has happened since the last time i wrote.  things are moving forward, faster than they probably have up until this point.  from here on out it will be a whirlwind until the baby is due.  here is my wish list, not in the correct order:

walls painted in the whole house
floors refinished in the whole house
nursery finished (new drywall installed and paint)
guest bedroom finished (new drywall installed and paint)
wood blinds purchased and installed in the bedrooms
new HVAC
new bathroom
new plumbing

we can get this done in 15 weeks.  right???  hahahahaha...........

till next time.


bi-weekly update

what has been happening here?

well, we finally got our floor tile sample.  FINALLY.  seriously. looks great.  confirming the colors and the numbers and then we will order.  so thankful and maybe i can finally feel like i can relax.  a little.

chad worked on the future baby room.  removing plaster.

oh, so sad.  but it was so loose from the wall we had no choice.

this is the other side of the room. only a little needed to be removed here.

check out this horsehair in the plaster. it's true: they REALLY do not make things like they used to!


weekly update

let's see, what's been happening at irvington bungalow?  well, first we just returned from a long holiday weekend in pensacola, FL. thank God we were able to have our annual visit before stupid BP ruined the beaches.  jerks.

shelby enjoyed herself swimming in the bay. and we enjoyed watching her!
and this is chad and i, post beachtime, outside our favorite beachside eatery - Peg Leg Pete's. 
that's Peg Leg, of course.

just in time for the weather to turn warm (hot) and for me to be 20 weeks pregos (and have a summer cold), our air conditioner broke.  unfortunately, we have to buy a new one.  great.  i've been promised that this will not compromise the bathroom project.  this fan is my favorite heat relief:

our garden decided to grow by leaps and bounds while we were gone:

finally, i did finish removing the wall of wallpaper and glue last week before we left for vacation:

top two pics: left - before removal, right - before glue removal
bottom two pics: left - after glue removal (thanks Mom for helping me!), right - don't tell my doctor that i was on a ladder in 85 degree weather, with no air, removing wall paper. 

still waiting on our bathroom floor tile sample.  can't wait to tell you NOT to use this tile place. 

till next time!