More Kitchen Dreamin'

Once again it's been a long time since we've posted. Once again it's because it has been a long time since we've done any actual work on the house. We've happily taken a couple of months off with the holidays and have successfully not felt guilty about it. The only accomplishments made in the past couple of months is that we moved a lot of our home improvement things from the dining and living room down to the basement. Therefore there was some organization that happened in the basement. Only a little though, so as not to over-exert ourselves. This weekend will hopefully see the end of our home improvement hiatus. We plan on beginning the room by room process of fixing the plaster walls so we can move forward with the rest of the house.
Meanwhile, I've been obsessing about the future kitchen as I tend to do quite frequently. I've found some pics over the past few months of kitchen things that I'd like to see incorporated into our kitchen remodel. The first picture below is a pic I found on the internet. It is some one's kitchen somewhere out there. Love the cabinet style, the back splash, and the counters. The other pic below is from the most recent Lowe's Creative magazine thing they send out. Crazy about the cabinets and am in love with the kitchen sink. As much as you can be in love with a kitchen sink.

Does anyone out there watch Six Feet Under? Since we don't have cable I've only recently begun to watch it on DVD. LOVE their kitchen, especially the backsplash and the bin pulls. Also really like their kitchen floor which is not in this picture, obviously. (Photo courtesy of Six Feet Under website). Finally, this picture below is a version of a floor idea I'd like to see. It is cork with an inlaid design. I'd like to see a design like this outlining the perimeter of our kitchen. This picture was found online on the Duro website.