the bathroom

after years of planning {literally} the bathroom project has officially started.  as some of you know, it took us months to finally receive our custom tile.  where did we order it?  American Restoration Tile.  let me say that the tile is beautiful.  it really is.  the floor is a replica of what we have now, only in different colors.  everything is handmade and hand colored.  it is just gorgeous and exactly what we were hoping it would be.  BUT, what is up with the dude who owns the place, i have no idea.  maybe he is a perfectionist, maybe he is super busy.  but what i DO know is that he totally lacks communication skills.  omg.  we ordered the tile and then we just didn't hear anything.  i would not recommend going with this place at all.  i know we'll be happy with the tile in the end but the waiting was such a pain.  anyways, this is what the tile looks like:

here's a peek at what our bathroom currently looks like, at the beginning of the project. 

this is the space where our new shower will go.  can't wait to have a new bathroom!