Memorial Day Weekend Bust

Due to the rain and some unforeseen technical difficulties the fence didn't get built this weekend as we had planned on (don't think we didn't make a trip to Home Depot every single day this weekend in an attempt to overcome the difficulties).

However, fear not!! It was not a total waste of a weekend. Chad was able to cut and paint some more of the wood for the fence. We put two coats of stain on our rocking chairs. I was also able to get some of the inside organized and the front porch cleaned off. So all was not lost. I'll post some pics of our rocking chairs once we assemble them!!

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The Casualties of Sanding

This past weekend we sanded down a couple of rocking chairs we bought for the front porch. It took us about twice as long as we thought to sand and wipe these chair parts down! Just like the home improvement adage goes, I guess.

Anyways, the sanding took some casualties along the way.
This is NOT staged. My husband actually fell asleep with the dog's bone in his hands in the middle of the back yard. Maybe once these chairs are stained and put together he can fall asleep more properly on the front porch!

Judging by this picture it would be difficult to believe that we have actually lived in our fixer-upper for three years this month!!

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Need New Plumbing ASAP!

In an attempt to keep myself busy while I find a job, I decided to continue with my spring cleaning (slowly but surely I'll finish - although it will probably be fall by the time it all is really done). So the refrigerator was the next step. Unfortunately I needed to throw out some things and, given that trash day is a few days away, I used my disposal.
Or I tried to use my disposal:

Disgusting!! This is so gross. I mean, call me crazy that I think a disposal should actually WORK. Anyways, this means that we are definitely updating all of the plumbing this summer. ugh. (Neighbors - this is why there is no progress on the outside yet ... last summer we re-wired the entire house and this summer plumbing. We promise one day we will actually have the fence up, the walls painted, and some landscaping installed)!!
(ps: Please don't be jealous of the faux wood laminate counters. They are pretty swanky.)

I had to wash my dishes in the bathroom. Nice.
Below is a picture of Shelby while I was washing dishes in the bath sink and drying them in the tub. She looks as if she is questioning my sanity (and I was).
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