don't i need this for the porch?

we have more room on the porch so i've been wanting to add a glider for a while now. i can picture me lounging and gliding...gliding and lounging. i'd like this one. it matches the rockers we have already so we'd just have to stain and assemble.

i'm not really sure how comfy it is because i've yet to actually see it live and in person. and, or course, i'd have to have a cushion for it. i'm thinking this for the cushion:

and this material for the throw pillows for the glider and also some lumbar pillows for the rockers:

we could do all of this for about $300, a little elbow-grease and some of my mother-in-law's fabulous sewing skills. don't you think i need it??


a clean slate (or concrete, rather)

this weekend will be five years since we moved into the house. it's hard do believe that this is possible. minus the groovy wallpaper and layers of old dirt, irvington bungalow virtually looks the same.

that is not the point of this post. over the weekend we borrowed a powerwasher to clean the front porch.

a few weeks ago i stripped and painted an old ikea table that was in our living room housing a defunct printer. here it is before:

i painted the table the same color as our backdoors. we loved our front porch before but now we really have a great little space to sit, unwind and watch the neighborhood go by this summer.


pedestal tub

craigslist to the rescue again! we've been looking for an old pedestal bath tub for our bathroom remodel project. we almost bit the bullet and paid a few hundred for one at a local salvage yard. but considering how much it is going to cost to have it refinished we didn't. and good thing! chad found one on craigslist over the weekend. we bought it for $45. now we're going to transport it to st. louis for some one-of-a-kind refinishing technique. don't ask.


closet organized

the weekend of work didn't pan out as we planned, which seems to be business as usual for us. i did get started on cleaning/organizing one of the spare bedrooms but decided it would pointless to finish until we are closer to the yard sale. otherwise it is basically moving piles of crap to the other side of the room. more organized piles of crap, though. i did get my closet organized, though! i mean the closet is like really tiny but i feel like i accomplished something anyways.

the floor - all my shoes were in a tub or on the floor.

now all of my winter boots are in one tub and my flips in another.

on either side shelves held random shoes and shoes in boxes:
i kept the shoes that had boxes in their original boxes. i bought plastic shoeboxes and then took pics of the shoes and ahdered them to the outside. this is so much easier than digging around in a rubbermaid tub!!


living room furniture

i'm in the middle of cleaning out one of our spare bedrooms. i had to take a break because chad and i are getting into squabbles about what to keep and what to pitch. why is it so difficult??

anyways, i'm sure i've mentioned this before but we still have the same furniture in our living room that i had in college. hand-me-down ikea tables and a 20 year-old couch from ethan allen. granted, these things work, but they are by no means permanent (or are they????)

for awhile i wanted an old trunk for the living room table but i can't seem to find a functioning antique one that isn't huge. the good thing about never actually buying anything is that you can change your mind - cost free! so now i think i want this table for our living room:

i like how it is glass and doesn't appear to take up much room. our living room isn't tiny but it isn't huge either. we already have a rug like the one in the picture.

we have an armoire for the tv and stuff right now but i'd like to replace that will a small console table and a flat screen tv.

and i LOVE this armoire for extra storage of movies and books.

why is my wish list always so long?!


spring cleaning

last weekend was so warm that i decided to do some spring cleaning. i swept the front porch (although you can't really tell it now!). planted the flower pots and cleaned off the rockers. i'll be adding the outdoor rug and a table soon.

decided to put the spring sheets on. love the yellows - so cheery.

this is the first time you've been able to see the table in loooong time. i was so sick of seeing my craft supplies out in the open constantly. i finally put things back where they belong.

this is this weekend's project. organizing my closet, one of the spare bedrooms and the basement. fun times ahead! i bought plastic shoe boxes and am taking pictures of my shoes to adhere to the outside. i can't stand digging through piles of shoes anymore!