It's The Little Things (continued...)


The first thing we changed in the house was beginning to tackle the vinyl wallpaper on our plaster walls. That is still a work in progress. The second improvement we made was not only aesthetic but for safety reasons as well. That was changing the back door knob and adding double cylinder locks to all of our doors.

Above are before and after shots of our back door. When we moved in the back door had the shiny, brass knob and lock. They were probably only a few years old. But it just didn't fit in with the rest of the house. We have two other doors that have original door handles and locks but we added the same double cylinder deadbolt locks as you see above. The locks are Baldwin and are very heavy and sturdy feeling. And the finish is the oil rubbed bronze. Finding these locks actually took considerable research. But we were so happy with the results.

Like we like to say, it's the little things that make us happy here!


heather said...

Nice finish on the new hardware. I need to replace our locks & knobs on the back door...where did you find yours?

Angela said...

Very nice... very nice...

When we moved into our house we had a skeleton key to deal with. Needless to say, there were a few times we would be standing outside for quite a while trying to get the door open. Within the first month we bought and installed a 'modernization lockset kit.' It will work ok for now, but I hope someday to have some fancy hardware like yours!

carmen said...

Thanks for the compliments! If we had not felt the necessity, for safety reasons, for the double cylinder locks then we probably would've waited to get them. But it was something we decided was a priority. Plus we're not big fans of the shiny brass nobs! When we did the research almost a year ago, we found them the cheapest online at http://www.baldwinbrassdoorhardware.com/. We then had a professional locksmith install all the locks and he highly recommended the Baldwin brand. So far, we completely agree as we've been very happy with them. Of course, just for a disclaimer, we do not recommend nor are we advertising that you go for a certain brand or a particular web site for your needs, this is just from our personal experience. And isn't that the point of all the blog stuff anyways? Happy lock hunting!

llihls said...


This is Shannon Hill. I've just discovered your blog after looking at your City Bird stuff and have decided catching up on it is going to be my new lunch passtime!

I'm in the proceses of trading out brass hardware the previous owner of my house had installed with oil-rubbed bronze plates. I would love to get new locks. I may have to check that website out!