Speaking of Coffee....

Given that I went crazy over a coffee house located states away, I thought that I should mention how much I LOVE our cute local neighborhood coffee house here in Irvington. It's called Lazy Daze. I love going there and enjoying a warm (coffee) break from the dreary Indianapolis weather.

Another place I love? Glad you asked.
The Bread Ladies. They are right next store to Lazy Daze and offer fab fresh sandwiches on their homemade bread (if you're in the neighborhood you should go and grab a loaf of their pumpernickel rye bread with the veggie schmear. yummy, even though I hate the word "schmear").


ps: Bungalows & Coffee

I read this article about this super cute coffee house in the latest Cottage Living magazine. I wish I could go there right now. I am in love with bungalows, coffee, and this magazine!! I love how most* of the houses in this magazine are actually small. And when they do articles about renovations they are actual renovations, for the most part. Not "small" as in 3,000 sf (usually) and not "renovate" as in gut and reconfigure the entire house like another Old House magazine we get.

*Disclaimer: The new houses they show in the magazine are usually well over 2,000 sf. Can't win em' all, I guess.

New Sink & Toilet !!

We finally took the plunge (no pun intended) and bought our new sink and toilet. They are from Kohler's Bancroft suite. We still need to decide on tile. I received samples and have been talking to Mission Tile West based out of California, which I think I've mentioned in a previous post. I LOVE their tile - they have beautiful colors that sort-of vary by tile so it will give the bathroom such an old-timey unique look. I'm a little concerned over two things, however. A HUGE thing is their customer service. So far I've been less than impressed with how they have responded to my questions via email. Once I can get them to respond to me, they have great customer service. But I think it is so annoying when I have to send them shi**y emails just to get someone to answer my questions. The other thing is is that it doesn't appear that they sell small tiles so we can do our floor in tiles from the same manufacturer. That sort-of scares me. Does anyone have any suggestions about where to buy really authentic looking reproduction tiles (subs and small tiles to do a patterned floor such as a basketweave or a spiral variation)? I'm trying to avoid making my bathroom look like I bought the supplies at a big box hardware store or like a page out of pottery barn. puke. Even though I have stuff from there. But not for my bathroom.