Spring !

Despite a slight dip in temps tonight, spring is in full swing here. Our trees are beautiful !

This is proof that sometimes (albeit, rarely) I am on the other side of the camera.
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i need this stool

In a recent post I mentioned how we have a Chambers stove that we are considering having restored. Of course Chad has been researching the heck out of Chambers now. I found this picture in a manual or cookbook we found online. It is a pic of the "Home Economics" kitchen in the Chambers factory (now gone, of course) in Shelbyville, IN.

What I LOVE is that stool.

Check it out! It is a step stool...but flip it over and it is stool you can sit on. What a fabulous idea for the "not so big" house! I wish I could find one. I'm going to have to find someone to make me one. Any takers?
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bathroom update

We still haven't started the bathroom renovation yet. We're currently waiting on some more tile samples for the floor. We have simplified the tile design for the wall and tweaked the color scheme a bit so that's why we ordered new samples. Here is a pic of what the wall tile will look like but in a different color scheme. We're not taking the tile around the mirror but I do think we're going to order those sconces. Cute, uh? This is a scanned page from a 2006 Rejuvenation catalog that I just found sitting around the house the other day. Crazy what you'll find around here if you dig deep enough.


salvaging for parts ... in our own home.

You know what is particularly amusing about my last post? The fact that we have enough old "stuff" accumulated throughout our home that we don't really need to go to a salvage store. Okay, okay...it's much more fun and useful to look through others' junk (uh, architectural salvage). Besides...we love looking.
Anyways, just thought I'd show some stuff we have either inherited, saved from becoming salvage for others to buy (read: got it from the trash), or actually purchased for future use in the restoration of Irvington Bungalow.
i love this sink...we hope to use it in our future laundry room ~

an old Chambers stove...we're considering having it restored for use in our future kitchen ~

a beautiful door for which we have no use ~

a stained glass window (one of several we now own)...we're going to restore it and hang it above the fireplace mantel ~

an old Coke machine...i have no idea what the hell we're going to do with this but it's cool ~

We actually have several other things sitting around however blogger wouldn't let me post any more pics. Besides the weather is fab so i'm going outside to enjoy the day!


Salvaging for Parts

The weather this weekend turned back to winter - cold and rainy. We decided to use it as an opportunity to go to one of our favorite places, White River Salvage. Chad wanted to look for pins (I think that's what they are called) for the kitchen window hinges. We've never been able to open our kitchen windows because the pins were missing. There are currently nails holding the hinges together. Very classy, I know. We also just love to look at all the stuff there. Tons of old doors, windows and just a lot of ... stuff! That's the only way to put it. If you look close enough in the top picture you'll see a Ronald McDonald. Maybe we should get it for our front yard.

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Weekend Work

Before After
With the weather so wonderful this weekend (is that an alliteration?) we decided to start some work on the attic in preparation for the insulation we're going to have foamed in eventually. Gotta complete that envelope. Basically Chad tore out this little room that the POs had used as a closet when the adult son was using the attic has his bedroom. You can see the walls/insulation still standing (adjacent to the brick) in the first picture (top) and not standing in the bottom picture. The plywood is actually the entrance to the front part of the house. The next step is to rent a dumpster to haul the debris and then suck (or bag it) all the insulation that is between the ceiling joists (attic floor). Good times in our future. I'm not looking forward to this project - surprise - but it will be great to see if this cuts down on the amount of dust that collects on the main floor of the house.

Before After

The other project we worked on was installing some landscaping in the backyard. As far as I know this was impromptu. We were given the limestone last year by a co-worker at the time. I thought for sure this pile of rocks would lay in our back yard for years but, ta da, here it is in an actual landscape. We ordered a good amount of plants for some parts of the yard so soon (we promise neighbors) our house will start to look not-so-sucky on the outside.
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My New Love = Sundance Catalog

I am aware that the Sundance Catalog is not new. I JUST now fell in love with it though. I'm pretty sure I need all of these:

For the living room ~

I have an obsession with bowls and these are fab ~

An outdoor dining table (this is honestly what I had in mind to have Chad make us one day) ~

I just love these ~

Ugh. I need to win the lottery or something.


Out & About

Yesterday my mom and I went antique-ing in Centerville, IN. We explored the area few years back but have not been there recently. A couple of months ago the town was featured in the Indianapolis Star (see the article here) so we decided to make a day of it. I didn't buy anything significant but a couple of cute things that you wouldn't find anywhere else. The day was gross and dreary so I didn't take any pictures of the cute buildings. Hopefully we'll get back there when it is nicer outside and we can explore the little town in more detail.

Last night I went to a concert at The Vogue in Broad Ripple. Some of my friends and I usually try to see local band Margot and the Nuclear So and So's when they are in town...this time it was for a good cause, Rock for Riley. All the proceeds are donated to Riley Hospital for Children. The show was GREAT despite that I am super tired today (that's because I'm old and the average age of the people there last night didn't help me feel better about this at all - pretty sure it was around 22). Anyways, Margot are from another historic neighborhood in Indy - Fountain Square.

So anyways, today is beautiful so we're going to do some yard work and work on the attic in prep for the insulation. Happy Spring!!