Where, Oh Where Have We Been?

I'd like to apologize for not writing in so long! It is deplorable and irresponsible and I feel just horrible.

Can you forgive me?

You can? You will?

Oh, thank you! I promise not to let you down again! Okay, I'm making a promise to myself and to you that I am going to write more often from now on!

So, now that we have that all behind us we can start anew and I'll try to catch you up on what has happened in our month and a half absence. House-wise and other wise.

Do you want the good news first or the bad news? I'm going to go ahead and get the bad news out of the way. You may remember a post in April about our dog Harley. Har was sick for over a month - one morning in late March we woke up and found he wasn't able to walk on his own or use his back legs. After several vet visits, medicines and even a surgery, Har just didn't get better. On May 25 we had to put him to sleep. It was, by far, the hardest decision that we have had to make but it was clear to us that Har just didn't have the will to live any longer. When he was feeling well Harley was known to eat anything that would come across his path or that he could sniff out. However, the morning before we put him down, I tried to feed him a donut (which I never would've done before) but he wouldn't eat it. He wouldn't eat anything. He wouldn't use the bathroom. He wouldn't bark or lift his head, wag his tale, play with his toys or act happy to see us anymore. That's when we knew it was time. It was very hard for us but, cliched as it may sound, we truly believe that he is happier now and running in some big field chasing squirrels and eating chocolate!

Okay. Whew. Enough bad news! On to good news!

So what have we been working on since our last post? The never ending wallpaper and glue removal from the plaster walls. The beginnings (the very, very beginning) of the re-wiring of the knob and tube electrical in our home. All this in preparation for our foam insulation to be sprayed into our exterior walls.
That's right! We're getting insulation. More specifically, we're having Icynene type insulation sprayed into our plaster walls. It will be our first major project and basically only one of the two things we're planning to have contracted out - the other being refinishing the floors when we can afford it (at least for now).

Because we are under a deadline as far as the insulation quote is concerned, we've been working as diligently as possible to have the glue cleaned off the walls and the holes for the electrical, phone and internet outlets cut. Also in prep for the insulation we are going to have to run all of the wires (electrical, phone and internet) as we won't be able to do so easily once the insulation is sprayed in the walls. Finally, we are going to drill one inch diameter holes in all of our exterior walls starting at roughly 36" from the floor and then every 16" apart until we reach the ceiling to facilitate the installation of the insulation.

SO....! That means once we have the insulation sprayed in, we'll be able to fill the holes, sand, prime and paint. Which then means we'll be able to hang the various pictures, mirrors, wall lights, shelves, vases, sconces and ceiling fans that have sitting in boxes in two spare bedrooms over the past year! I can't wait.
I wonder what it will be like to go to my closet without running into the various boxes we have had since the end of last summer! Stay tuned - details to follow.

(I promised.)


Jocelyn said...

Oh, I am sorry about Harley, but it sounds like it was his time. I'm with you in knowing all dogs go to heaven because they are angels for us here on earth.

Sounds like you did really alot for him and he had good owners so he was blessed.

I don't know if I've said this before, but your house is lovely! (I was looking at some old posts w/ photos)

Brian said...

Also sorry to hear about Harley. How did the insulation work out? I've been considering doing the same for our house. I hate the thought of having to drill holes into all of our exterior walls, but at least it's better to do it now than after we've painted them. Who did you use? Email me!

llihls said...

So sorry to read about Harely; it's been a while for you now, but I'm sure you still miss him :(

My brother is in the process (literally, right now as I'm typing this) of rewiring my entire house to get rid of the knob and tube, then one of the next things I want to do is better insulate my attic. Rewiring is quite a lot of work and a huge mess with plaster and lathe! It's going to be so great when he's finished (he thinks maybe today!). He's an electrician and has promised for five years to do this, so I'm so excited that it is happening now, and very thankful to have him.