i love unique furniture

recently i found this armoire at a store that refinishes furniture. i think she mostly does the shabby-chic type of look and i'm not totally into that. i like it here and there but the whole house is a bit of an overload for my taste. but i thought this piece of furniture was so cute...i thought maybe for a future baby room or even in the dining room for extra storage. i bought it white and will paint it when i figure out what i really want to do with it. the other day at lowe's i found this burnt orange paint color. it was among their mess-up custom colors. it was only $5 but was the top of the line pain, which saved us like $35. granted we're going to have to prime the hell out fo the armoire, but i'm so excited to see what it will look like (one day!)


another post about bathroom tile

i know i've posted about the bathroom tile sometime last year. we're basically at the same point in our bathroom remodel now as we were then. what's the hold up, you ask? money. same ole' answer. but if this bathroom remodel isn't completed by christmas, santa will be delivering divorce papers.

we went back to the tile place last weekend to revisit our quote and to check out the tiles again. because not only are we poor, we are terribly unorganized and lost our quote. the above pictures are the two contenders, which are the same as in the post from last year. i really love the color on the left but i love the crackle style and the "un-rounded" square shape on the right. mind you the tile will be subway, not 4x4 as shown in the samples. they are actually both glossy as opposed to a true matte tile but the picture doesn't really reflect that. anyways, we are working on the renovation budget to see when we can order. if the cost of all of our tile wasn't so damn expensive we'd be finished with this by now. why can't we just be comfortable buying white subway tile from the chain big box stores like everyone else??? (there's my house snob coming out. sorry.)