More Changes

I started to show you some of the changes we've made so far to the house and there are a few other things I'll share. But I was thinking that maybe I'll show some pics of what the house looks like in general. For now, I just started with the livng room and the dining room. Obviously, most of the pictures I've shown were before we moved in. Except for the dining room picture taken in December. That was my feeble attempt at decorating for Christmas. Somehow when you have wall paper half way off the walls and ladders and drills sitting around, it just doesn't totally feel like Christmas!
Anyway, you can't really tell in the pictures but there was wall paper on all the walls, the thick vinyl kind. I already talked about that in another post. Unfortunately, the place doesn't look that much different. We just have some furniture in the house now. We still have those nasty curtains the house came with. Hopefully, later this year we will be getting new blinds throughout the house. First we have to get the walls clean, get insulation, rewire the electrical, paint the walls....well, you get the idea!! Priorities....

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