Our Patient

Unfortunately, our most recent project has been our dog, Harley. About three weeks ago his back legs suddenly went out on him. And I mean suddenly. As in, we woke up one morning to get ready for work, as per usual, and found that five year old, one hundred and nine pound dog couldn't walk. After numerous vet visits and vet conversations and two emergency vet visits plus one surgery, we finally have a dog that is walking (better).
He had the surgery on April 4. I've posted some pictures of what he looked like when we brought him home. We were so surprised by the amount of hair they had to shave!! We call it his reverse mohawk. You never know, he might be starting a fashion trend!
The doctors initially thought he had a slipped disc. But after a myelogram, which he had right before surgery, they couldn't find anything substantially wrong with his discs. We opted for the surgery anyways. The surgeon found a fatty tumor which he removed.
We picked him up the day after the surgery and he seemed to be doing about 75% better. But by the weekend we had to take him back to the emergency vet for a catheter and a shot of Prednisone. Now he is almost back to the old Harley! We are so happy to have him back and hopefully he will be able to take long walks again soon! We are all missing the good weather that is on it's way back!


jm said...

Oh Harley! You poor sweet thing. Coco and Dave and Aaron and I want you to feel better soon.

Jocelyn said...

Poor guy! They always seem to shave so much off when they do stuff at the vet. Dogs take it all like troopers though. Well wishes from Billie, Mojo & Lakewood 2-flat too!