the great outdoor ... table

i am SO excited. do you remember earlier this year i posted about an outdoor table from sundance catalog that i loved? i'm on this kick where i really want original furniture for our house. anyways, i'd like for our outdoor table and our living room coffee and/or end tables to be made from old barn wood. well, this weekend we got a step closer to the outdoor table of my dreams.

see that dirty wood leaning against the garage? someone recently gave us some old barn wood! (ask and you shall receive). oh it may not look like much now but you wait.

one day it will look like this. but there will be a matching bench next to it.

i mean, check out that post. it's massive. this thing is going to be so freakin' heavy. and stylish.


just checking in

so it's been awhile. like i said in the last post, i haven't really been posting on here since i've been out of work and therefore, not much work has progressed on the house.

i gots me a jobby job! how do i feel about this? mixed feelings, really. while it has been SUPER nice having the summer off i'm ready to dive back into the work force (and, more imporantly, a paycheck). i'm really really really ready to get some things done around the house. so you know what this means???

new job = bathroom remodel

as soon as i get that first paycheck we're heading to the tile place to order that beautiful bathroom tile i talked about earlier this year. yeah!

also i was going to be so selfless as to not spend money on the fall mums this year if i didn't have a job. i got one just in time! this weekend we made the transition.

just a small change, i know, but it makes me feel better because i think it makes the front porch look a little less...like we have dead flowers.

hopefully you'll be seeing more of us around in the virtual world again. you're thrilled. i just know it.


a funny thing happened ...

... on the way back from admiring the new additions on the fence.

we noticed one of the posts on our side entrance/porch leaning against the house. it is NOT supposed to do that. so now it is temporarily gone until we can fix it. both the posts are rotted at the bottom because the POs decided to put wood against concrete. SMART.

this effing house. i swear it is like we take one step forward (nice fence!) and eighteen steps backwards (uhhh...nice rotting posts). argh!


frisbee anyone?

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and the fence progresses

b.c. (before cutting)

a.c. (after cutting)



looks fantastic! good job chad! now, let's just get that gate built and we'll be finished.
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