new couch

it was requested that i show a pic of the new couch in our living room. i apologize ahead of time for the poor lighting in the pictures. which is why i'm taking a photography class!

here's our old couch. still in good shape for the most part. now it will reside in my mom's cabin in the woods. don't ask. it was her couch to begin with anyways. and for her hospitality at letting me/us use it for the past 9 years, i threw in the couch cover we've been using, as seen piled in a heap on the couch. how nice am i?

here's the new couch. seriously, so sorry for the lighting. this room is so weird that i can't get the lighting correct with my point and shoot camera. you get the point though, the couch is much more our style. although it was bigger than i expected it to be. we almost could not move it through the front door. which made me laugh - the thought of nice leather couch on the front porch was funny to me.

one day when we have the floors refinished, the custom made tables and the walls painted i'll take a better picture! until then i will be happy with this major purchase out of the way!


another step in the right direction

we went to buy our bathroom tile this past saturday. again, for the third time, we left the store without making our huge tile purchase. but this time it wasn't because of money. we were advised to have a meeting with the guy who will be laying the tile before we make the purchase - to make sure we are ordering all of the pieces he needs to install everything correctly. i mean, this isn't tile laying on home depot's shelf so i think this was great advice!
so .... since we were on that side of town we decided to stop by a couple of other stores. and we ended up buying a couch. very spur-of-the-moment. it was at a local furniture outlet store so it was a good deal. the same couch we've looked at for years but half off since it was a floor model.
we're so excited we finally purchased grown-up living room furniture!! we've been relaxing on my parent's 20 year old ethan allen couch i used in college. granted, still a great couch, but very cream/blue/peach (can anyone say 1980?) and very flowery and well, not ours.
(now if i can just work on getting rid of those 15 year old hand-me-down ikea tables.)


guest bedroom

last weekend chad's best friend and his wife came to visit. which meant we had to get the guest bedroom in working order. there is no plaster on two of the walls in our guest bedroom - only exposed lath. we bought drywall to finish off the parts with no plaster about four months ago. too bad by last weekend the drywall (some 12' long) were still sitting in the same place - blocking access to the bed. i suggested just setting the Little Giant next to the drywall so they could climb the ladder over the drywall and into the bed. chad did not think this was funny.

instead we just moved it to the side wall, cleared out the tools and the baseboards, and cleaned.
and you know what? our guests didn't complain (not to our faces anyways).

the other (*sigh*) issue about staying at our house is the fact that our bathroom still hasn't been renovated. we have to turn the toilet on and off at the valve in order to flush. poor guests. i had to leave them this note on how to use the toilet. JUST the thing you want to see after a long flight. haha!