Reclaimed Furniture

We received our This Old House magazine yesterday. This month they have a section dedicated to small spaces, which I love since we have a small house. I am in love with these tables:
They have a small footprint so they are great for smaller spaces AND the wood tops are salvaged wood from demolished houses. Obviously, I'd prefer to not have houses demolished but since it does happen at least the materials can go to other causes. You can see more furniture like this at Viva Terra.


2008 Goals

Is it too late in the "new" year to post our house goals for the year? It will be fun to look back in Feb 2009 to see how much of it we didn't accomplish (way to be optimistic, right?)

Btw, these are numbered in order of importance. To me.

1. (most important) Fix the attic insulation. As in suck out the old and foam in the new.
2. Remodel the bathroom. It will be so fun and innovative to be able to flush after every
use. Grossed out yet?
3. Fill in our insulation holes in our walls / fix the plaster walls.
4. Paint the walls.
5. Refinish the wood floors.
6. Purge unnecessary items from spare bedrooms and basement. / General organization.

Before I bought this house that organization thing would have been higher up on the list. So would flushing after every use. My values are sadly slipping.

Decisions, Decisions

We're still making decisions on our bathroom remodel. We have decided on our tile for the walls. We're going to go with 3x6 subway field tiles in a color called parchment (which is really a very light olive green). The coved border bottom tiles are 4x6 (I think) in black. We've yet to determine the top border style but it will be in black as well. We're going to do a decorative tile that looks like this:

Probably in a combo of white, dark red and a pink. We may have a black border surrounding this decorative border. But WAIT, there's more!!! What we're currently grappling with is the floor tile. We've ordered samples of this:

Which is a marble basketweave. It is actually really cool and fairly unassuming looking. I'm a little hesitant to put marble in there because I'm worried about it not fitting in with the house. Like maybe it is too fancy for a little ole' bungalow? But it is very different, very pretty and historical nod given that it is basketweave and marble. We are also looking at reproducing the original tile:

Isn't our little model so cute? This is when Shelbers was a tiny girl. So anyways, I do la-la-love this tile and am interested in just getting it again but in a color combo that will match the wall tiles. I think this is the option for which I'm going to lobby.

What else are we looking at? Well, redoing all the plumbing (still studying!) Radiant floor heating (especially if we get the marble - brrrrr). A heated towel rack (a girl can dream, right?) A quiet, energy efficient bathroom fan. And still haven't decided on bathroom fixtures. Can't seem to find the perfect fit just yet. Stay tuned!