update - "to do" list slowly dwindling

as usual, it's been awhile since i've last posted.  things have been moving swiftly here at irvington bungalow.  a lot of our neighbors have been seeing chad dragging in drywall, stripping furniture and noticing family members at the house helping out.  the joke is that we maybe we should have decided to have a baby sooner!!

no pics to post just yet as work is still finishing up (and it better be soon since we have four short weeks before our due date)!  however, just wanted to post a quick update.  blinds have been ordered, floors will hopefully be refinished soon, the drywall is up in all of the bedrooms and only one more room left to mud and sand.  soon we'll paint and finally (FINALLY) decorate.  the one setback is that the bathroom tile is due to arrive next week which is just too late in the pregnancy to start that project.  we're postponing till early winter.  but that is okay.  stay tuned - before & after pics of the rest of the house to post within the next couple of weeks!!