In The Beginning

Finally! I've been reading house blogs for about a year now and I've been wanting to have one of our very own since about the time we bought our house. So here I am ... joining the ranks of all you other house bloggers out there. I'll try my best to make it as interesting and informative as the ones I read on a daily basis. I'll try to update as much as I can but sometimes there isn't a lot going on at our house due to either lack of time, money, or just pure laziness, there may not be posts everyday.
So on to the real purpose of the blog ... our house.
We (we being myself and my husband) purchased our house in May of 2004. It is our first home. It was about the first or second house I actually went to look at. The first time I saw the house, I knew that I was very interested in it. I saw immediate potential in the hardwood floors, chunky woodwork (all original, intact and in a dark mahogony color) and even the purplish pink and green tiled bathroom. Sure, there needed updates here and there (like the hideous 1970s kitchen) but I really, really liked the house. I snapped lots of pictures because my husband (at that time my fiance) was finishing school in Florida. So I would go look at a house and send him pictures. He really liked the house as well. Less than four weeks after thinking "maybe we should buy a house instead of moving to another apartment" we were at the closing table signing millions of papers.
And just like that, we were the owners of a cute bungalow in a historic part of town with lots of dreams and hopes for the house. And little cash to make them happen right now...but one day!
Let the fun begin...

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