Yes, I am a mother.

Look what I found in my wallet the other day! Yes, I am a mother and apparently I store Cheerios in my wallet.

The weather has been so lovely here in Indy lately! I love it! Ainsley and I decided to enjoy some time at the park before heading for our pizza dinner.
She tried to chase the "da" (dog).

She showed off her bracelet.

Going down the slide was really fun....

...but trying to climb back up was even more fun.

Hope you are getting to enjoy the weather wherever you are!!
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a fun-filled weekend

well, not too much happened at the house this weekend. we're still waiting on a plumbing part so the water can't be hooked up yet. which means we can't clean yet either. also, chad has been batteling a cold so he got some rest...well, as much rest as you can have with a 16 month old child running around.

ainsley and i went to the outlet mall with nana on saturday.

we bought new clothes and new "sooooos" (shoes).

ainsley had a play date with her other born in october 2010 buddies, bryson and cooper:

happy monday!


first signs of spring!

yesterday it felt so spring-like when we went outside to go to school!