the great outdoor ... table

i am SO excited. do you remember earlier this year i posted about an outdoor table from sundance catalog that i loved? i'm on this kick where i really want original furniture for our house. anyways, i'd like for our outdoor table and our living room coffee and/or end tables to be made from old barn wood. well, this weekend we got a step closer to the outdoor table of my dreams.

see that dirty wood leaning against the garage? someone recently gave us some old barn wood! (ask and you shall receive). oh it may not look like much now but you wait.

one day it will look like this. but there will be a matching bench next to it.

i mean, check out that post. it's massive. this thing is going to be so freakin' heavy. and stylish.

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Stacy said...

That will look great! Be sure to post pics of the process and finished product. That is a really cool idea to use reclaimed barnwood to make a unique outdoor table.