a unique table

for those of you that read this blog i think you know that at irvington bungalow, we seem to do a lot more planning/wishing than actual purchasing items or finishing projects. why stop now, i ask you?
for years i've been on the hunt for furniture. mostly living room furniture and mostly for years because we have not had any extra money to actually buy the furniture yet. but also, it is because i want to have furniture that reflects our style, the period of the house but also pieces that not everyone has in their own living room.
as i've mentioned several times we have some beautiful, old weathered barn wood we're using for an outdoor table. i'm hoping to have some leftover for a living room table. something a la this:

from sundance, mentioned here in a previous post.
or this, below, from pottery barn.

when in doubt, google. the other day i typed in something akin to: handmade metal welded furniture. what popped up but Fosterweld. and can you believe that he is located right here in Indy? i emailed him to see if the table would be something he would consider creating for us when the time comes. so far, he has been so nice and down-to-earth. i think it would be so cool to have such an original piece of furniture in our living room!

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