My New Love = Sundance Catalog

I am aware that the Sundance Catalog is not new. I JUST now fell in love with it though. I'm pretty sure I need all of these:

For the living room ~

I have an obsession with bowls and these are fab ~

An outdoor dining table (this is honestly what I had in mind to have Chad make us one day) ~

I just love these ~

Ugh. I need to win the lottery or something.


Jennifer said...

I love the trays! Those wouldn't be too hard to make... and such FUN colors!

DYSB said...

Cool catalog....just ordered it for Em. I'll probably regret that decision.

Josh said...

I've never heard of the Sundance catalog, but that looks like great stuff. I like that outdoor table and chairs.

DYSB said...

Emily just got her catalogs yesterday.

I found an $1800 book case I like.


ps. I blogged