i love ... no, hate ... no, love ... pottery barn

i have a love/hate relationship with pottery barn.

on the one hand their stuff is pretty cool and i really like wandering around their store, dreaming of the days when we might have fresh paint on our walls, stylish throw rugs on our shiny wood floors and furniture that didn't see my college apartment days. on the other hand, in my humble opinion, the quality of their items (poor) does not adequately reflect their pricing (overpriced). and it bothers me to buy their items because i feel like i would rather find actual & authentic antique products instead of some reproduction stuff photographed in catalogues passed out to thousands of middle class homes across the country. in other words, i'd rather be a little more unique than buy all my home decor at PB. plus, isn't it fun to hunt & gather in antique stores?

shoot! with all of my soap box spew out of the way i'll reluctantly divulge that my admitted love/hate mentality does not stop me from drooling at the mouth when i get a new PB catalogue. man! what is my problem? i guess it is like house porn or something.

anyways, last night i went to listen to the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra in a neighborhood park. the summer weather was perfect, the music was fabulous & relaxing, i had a glass of wine and slowly perused my brand new PB catalog - fresh out of the mail lady's hands yesterday afternoon. here are some things that i think are really, really cool but will never buy:

this is the "edison" chandelier. you know, because the bulbs are old-timey like when edison first made the light bulb. those PB copy editors. they are creative.

i'm totally stuck on the idea of having our living room furniture reflect a slight industrial look. i have no idea why. i think it is cool.

this picture? in the catalogue they say that it has quotes about books in the background of the canvas. one of my favorite things in the whole world is reading. just the image of books makes me content.

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Emily said...

Like you, I sometimes obsess over PB. However, I almost never buy anything from there and instead find myself always hunting for "the real thing." Oddly, sometimes "the real thing" is cheaper than the stuff in the catalog. One of my favorite hobbies is browsing antique shops, looking for PB-like "stuff." I'm still waiting for the lovely husband to purchase a cool, retro telephone (hint, hint DYSB).