walls like pottery barn

for once i've looked through a pottery barn catalog and said: wow, this looks like my house! instead of, ugh. i wish my house looked like this.

check out the wall in this bathroom:

in this pic the wall looks stucco or something but in the catalog it just looks like an old plaster wall. discolored and cracking. when i saw it, i felt an instant kinship. could pottery barn be coming around to our sense of DYI style? is it possible that the residents of irvington bungalow are actually trendsetters and not just a couple of old-house loving, idealistic, lazy, too-many-projects-not-enough-time/money/energy people?

take a look at my pottery barn walls:

but, wait. we have them in the living room too:

really. you have to have a sense of humor or the fact that my walls have looked like this for five years would drive me to tears on a daily basis. i have to go submit my house for the next PB catalog now.


Debbie said...

haha, you should totally submit your pics :)

bungalowbliss said...

Who knew? How is the paint color selection process coming? I can't wait to see which shade you end up choosing!