outdoor lanterns (for my fictional outdoor dining space)

once i get started thinking about something, i tend to obssess a bit. can't help it, it is just in my nature. so i keep thinking about when my outdoor table is finished (come on, chad!) i can't wait to have outdoor parties.

a few years ago we bought some oil rubbed bronze string lanterns for the backyard. they're still in their boxes in the basement. the other day i bought paper polka dot paper lanterns that are super cute. i was trying to find pictures online for both of these lanterns and ended up finding a ton of other really cute outdoor lanterns. check them out.

all of the above i found at walmart.com. the top set looks super versatile because they could go with almost any decorating style. and how cute are the tiny coleman lantern string set? those are solar LED. maybe i should get them for my mom (she just bought a fixer-upper cabin in the middle of nowhere). the last image is of martha stewart paper lanterns that don't light up. that doesn't stop me from loving them. they would be great hanging from the ceiling of a baby room or for an indoor party.

finding the LED colemans made me groove on the idea of hanging solar LED string lights in the backyard. here are some interesting ones i found surfing the net (when i should be working).

i like the above because they are plain and simple and, again, versatile.

these are a little more decorative. the bottom two images wcan be found here and here. the last picture is handblown glass but i would want the amber color - more cozy and warm feeling.

and i my absolute faves are these lanterns handmade by an etsy artist. although they are no longer in her shop.


Danielle and Clint said...

omg! I am in love with the laterns that are no longer for sale! But they look easy to make. Pier 1 had some cute laterns on sale, but they hold candles:

carmen said...

those are super cute! those would be great for our front porch, actually. put citronella candles in to keep the stinkin' bugs away.

the lanterns that are no longer for sale - they are porcelain made to look like old ball jars. aren't they so great?