2009 goals

on the treadmill today my mind started wandering back to this house. as usual. i remember that i had posted a 2008 goal list early last year. so i decided to check our progress on that list.

1. (most important) Fix the attic insulation. As in suck out the old and foam in the new. DONE.

2. Remodel the bathroom. It will be so fun and innovative to be able to flush after every use. Grossed out yet?

3. Fill in our insulation holes in our walls / fix the plaster walls.

4. Paint the walls.

5. Refinish the wood floors.

6. Purge unnecessary items from spare bedrooms and basement. / General organization.

are you serious???!! that is the ONLY thing we accomplished from our list in a year? well. in our defense, i was out of work for one glorious, warm, vacation-taking, book-reading summer. {sigh} of course those carefree days do come at a price. as in no checky check. as in no work on the house. so that's our excuse. but the insulation is a huge timeandmoneysucking item to cross of the to-do list! so that's the silver-lining, fellow DIY-ers.

An item accomplished that was not even on our list was continuing work on the landscaping. We installed landscaping on the south, east and north sides of the house. man. i hate looking at the posts from summer. makes me sad for warm weather.

as usual, i've totally digressed. here's our 2009 goal list (many with carry-overs from last year, i'm sure):

1. have the back door and the entry garage door stripped and prepped for painting

2. weatherize same doors as well as our entry doors

3. work on bedrooms - fix walls and ceilings

4. pick out exterior paint colors

5. fix other walls and paint

6. bathroom remodel

7. refinish floors

8. finish landscaping (front yard, install a small raised bed garden)

9. generally organize

now that's ambition. good luck, irvington bungalow. good luck.


bungalow_ bliss said...

I'm envious of your carefree summer. Especially with the gray and gloom of the current weather, I'm longing for those warm breezy days on the front porch. *sigh*

Good luck on your checklist for 2009--it looks like there's going to be a flurry of home-improvement activity on both sides of the alley!

(I love the successories spoof--oh, so true!)

Amy said...

Another Irvingtonian? Cool! My own to-do list is looking pretty fierce right now too.

I noticed your post on Marmoleum. Have you installed it yet? If so, do you have the name of a good floor guy with linoleum experience? I'm pretty handy, but I draw the line at installing giant rolls of linoleum.