think that's a weird title for my post? according to my parents that is what i used to call flowers when i was little.
over the past few months we've installed about 1/4 to 1/2 of our landscape plan. some of you may know that chad is a landscape architect and we've also joked that for the past 4 years our neighbors probably don't believe that fact because our yard has been not great. the only thing we've done up until now was tear out whatever landscaping the POs had in the ground. (we did this immediately so as to fool the neighbors when we first moved in. here they thought something was going to be installed in place of the things we tore out. silly.) chad did tear up the entire back yard and re-seeded which has given us beautiful thick really green grass. also, we've planted like 9 trees or something. but now we have flaffoos! yeah!
these pictures are not the greatest but you can get the idea. here are corabells (i really don't know if that is the right name) in the front of the bed, the daisies and in the back are hydrangeas. i am SUPER excited about those.

in the next picture you can see the dead grass where the bed is going to be extended to our future sidewalk. we'll work on this part of the bed this weekend. (and by "we" i really mean chad.)

this is one of the beds i posted about over a month ago. while i was in florida chad planted hostas and corabells in this bed. and finally our dogwood is doing well. that thing has been a wimp for the past few years but i think it is coming out of its slump.

so nice to see some actual progress! also i apologize if i butchered these plant names. plants aren't my thing and i'm really too lazy to go look up the proper spelling and stuff.

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