quote of the week

"i'm sorry but we're going to have to ask you to sign this resignation letter."

i've been a little delinquent in my posts here at irvington bungalow. partly because nothing is happening here & partly because i've been away in florida. and the explanation behind both of those excuses is that i was recently "let go" from my job working for the still relatively new mayor of indianapolis. hence, the fab quote of the week.

the basic gist of the story goes like this: i was hired on as a mayor's neighborhood liaison for our former democratic mayor last year. events unfolded, he was not re-elected last fall and since that time, my colleagues and i have been preparing for the changing of the guard (so-to-speak; you know, we've been waiting for the new administration to fire us and bring in his own people). that day came two weeks ago on monday. the first week i spent still in shock. the second week i spent in florida. still in shock but at least in shock catching up on some reading on the beach.

but now...i have arrived back in irvington. ready to really start looking for something else while trying to figure out how we can still pay for our several projects already in the works and those being planned (i.e. the bathroom remodel).

my job as a liaison was sometimes fun, sometimes stressful, always interesting. i had the unique opportunity of working where i live. i went to neighborhood meetings and got to meet some of the best people i have ever met in my life. case in point. one of my irvington neighborhood groups sent me this bunch of flowers above and a card that the entire organization signed. this was so sweet and a much needed boost to my spirits. thanks to all of the people who made my job wonderful!


Mickey said...

Welcome to the club, unfortunately. Surprised they made you sign a letter--I was just told I was being dismissed and my job was being eliminated.

Emily said...

I found a great job for you (and it pays good too!). But I don't want to tell you about it, because you'd have to leave Marion County and your cute Irvington bungalow. And Chad would probably have to find a new job too because the commute would be killer. So, I'm just going to keep my mouth shut.

carmen said...

mickey! hi! how did you find the blog? so good to hear from you, wish it was about a better topic, right?

emily - only tell me about the cool jobs where i don't have to leave this *wonderful* house. :)

mickey said...

I spotted Brian's blog (and I've been fascinated by his house ever since I first heard about it--before they bought it) and saw the link to yours there.