Quote of the Week: What happened to your doors?!

We've been asked this question by neighbors a lot lately. No, no one broke into our house. No, our house hasn't been vacated or abandoned (tempting as this may sound). No, we do not prefer the look of plywood to an actual door. I can't blame them for asking - both the door above and our back door to our house looks like this.

Don't worry, it's only temporary. We're having the doors stripped, repaired and repainted. In fact, the door above is already finished.

Above is the door before. I think it was original to the house. However once our door guy had it he said it was beyond repair - large cracks and it was way uneven and slightly warped. So we found a very old similar door to replace the old one (below). We ordered hardware to match the hardware we bought when we bought the house for the portions that were not original when we moved in.

Below is the new old door being stripped and starting to be primed.

Finally, here's the new old door painted and installed. Still needs some touching up with the paint and some scraping along the windows (it was just installed today). It is painted Rookwood Red by Sherwin Williams. Love it.


bungalow_ bliss said...

Yep, I was one who wondered what was to come. I knew there must have been a project in the works, though! Absolutely love the garage door! So cool that you recycled, too.

Congrats on removing the plywood and checking another item off the list!

carmen said...

oh you weren't the only one...believe me. and, like i said, i can't blame anyone for asking! i mean...plywood? come on! :)

tinysprouts.com said...

LOVE that door!! and the color is perfect.