off to a good start

what number was "general organization" on our 2009 goal list? i can't remember right now but it was most likely near the bottom. if you live in a fixer-upper then you know organization is often the last thing to occur.

however last weekend i feel like we got off to a good start. one of the items on my christmas list was a shelf for our breakfast nook area. i've been married long enough to know that if i asked for some fancy shelf from PB or something that this wouldn't happen. so i asked for a shelf that could be used again once we remodel the kitchen and it was no longer needed in the breakfast nook. we got a gorilla rack. looks like we specifically have the GR 7304N.

no monkeying around (sorry) this thing is HEAVY-DUTY. dual purpose, too. now it holds our overflow kitchen items and all of my hobby supplies (shameless plug, sorry). one day, post kitchen remodel, it will live in our garage.

i really wish i would've taken a "before" picture of the this area. up until a few days ago this small space housed the dog's food, an old wall mirror we removed from the LR like four years ago, an antique umbrella, the microwave (still there), the dog's food (still there), an air compressor, various tools and boxes of nails, a stool, chairs, a folding table (still there), boxes to recylce, a basket full of old magazines and shoes, and a pile of junk to go to Goodwill. ah. isn't it better now?! for this feat alone i should be able to cross one item off of our goal list.


Jennifer said...

That's quite a shelf! Great gift.

Anonymous said...

That shelf is definitely something you can always find a place for.
Do you guys have a basement?

bungalow_ bliss said...

That is one solid shelf--very nice!

I never noticed that we're window twins...will you guys be keeping the originals or replacing them? I saw some replacements at the Pleasant Run end of the block that are a similar style to what we have--the closest I've seen. However, they still have that 'un-original' look to them, so I'm torn.

Chad said...

Oh no, we are definitely keeping them. Our windows are in great shape and are actually one of the reasons we were so drawn to this house. I really hope that you are not considering replacing your windows. Not having been through your home, I cannot speak about the interior condition of your windows. However, from the outside they appear to be in excellent condition! If efficiency is a concern/reason, I can give you names of contractors who weatherize wooden windows or give you a few places to look for the products to do it yourself. I even have a window from a house that was about to be demolished which is a great example of weather stripping of wooden windows. Feel free to stop by because I could go on forever. Or maybe I just convinced you that I am "the crazy preservation neighbor" and scared you off. Either way, nice to officially e-meet you and welcome to the neighborhood (belatedly).

bungalow_ bliss said...

That's great to hear. Especially with this week's temps, it crossed my mind once again, but I think I just need to focus on sealing the ones I have (after I strip the interiors and repaint the exteriors). You just can't replicate these old gems.

I may take you up on your offer for tips/contacts when I get to this point. Thanks for the offer (and the welcome)!