weekend scavengers

saturday was just too damn hot to do anything on the house. instead we went to a new salvage store called reclaimed located on the lovely near-eastside of indy. chad bought the cottage doors below for a house owned by historic landmarks.

after that we visited one of my favorite places to go wander on a lazy day, midland arts & antiques. i am in love with this picnic table set. i would've lobbied for its purchase had it not already been sold.

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MT said...

do you have information for the new salvage store called 'Reclaimed' I tried to Google it but couldn't find anything like it. I'd love to check it out.

Rachael said...

What a treat to find neighbors as I'm searching for bungalow inspiration!! I *love* Reclaimed...I just replaced my front door with a find from there!

mt, Reclaimed is located at 2104East Washington. 2104 is the corner of Hamilton Av and Wash. It's a large brick building on the northside with Reclaimed sign. Hours are Fri-Sun or appointment.