don't let this happen to you

it was still too damn hot to do anything on the house on sunday but we had no choice. look at the weeds in one of our newly planted beds! i mean - where are the plants? where are the weeds? who in the hell really knows? the decent amount of rain we've received this summer is not only a boon to our friends, the plants, but to our enemies, the weeds, as well.

so on sunday we bought some cheapo mulch and went at the weeding. omg. i'm waaay too old to be hunched over for five hours pulling weeds. my back & legs are feelin' it today. i bet the neighbors are happy though. looks better.

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Brian @ DYSB said...

Hilarious! Our weeds are out of control as well. And we have little motivation to pull them.

Thanks for sharing drinks and pizza at our place on Friday. We had a good time.

And I had a lot of mosquito bites so I'm guessing the mosquitoes had a a good time too.

Crossed said...

More photos of Shelby please. She's the bomb.

Jonathan said...

I had to break out the shovel for some of my weeds they were so big on one side of my house. They were starting to turn into trees.

Your final result looks good.