adventures in tile & other bathroom decisions

last week we ventured to two stores in order to help through this process of picking out fixtures and tile for our bathroom remodel. the first was Economy Plumbing in downtown indy. joe helped us and he was so nice. we picked out a few fixtures and he priced them for us. he recommended a few high-end lines but also mentioned that one can't go wrong with delta faucets (good to know). currently we're considering this chrome fixture for our pedestal sink. the only difference is we would like to have the cross handles.

ahhh...now on to the tile. over the weekend we went to Architectural Brick & Tile. omg. if you love house remodeling and tiles and flooring you would LOVE this place. beeeautiful tiles everywhere. lots of eye candy. however they closed at 3 and we arrived around 1:45 so we only had time to get down to business...no perusing for the fun of it. our lovely sales gal, kristina, priced three lines for us: meredith, irongate, and sonoma stellar.

so we're probably going to get either the one in the upper left hand corner or the one directly below it. the ones in the top row are from my current tile nemesis mission tile west. but the ones in the middle are considerably more expensive and have almost the exact same colors. so...decisions, decisions.

and to add on to that - grout choices!! pretty excited about this. we're not doing white grout. that's just too boring for us. the colors with the arrows are the ones we're considering.

what about the floor? definitely black, white and then some other color. here are the current choices:

i could have made three different posts out of this one. oh well. so excited about the colors we've narrowed it down to at this point. in my mind's eye it is all beautiful and relaxing in there. can't wait to see it live and in person.


erin said...

I love your blogs. They are just adoarble. Anyway...I know what you mean about Archetectural Design and Tile. We went there to look for some stuff for our backsplash and pretty much had to be kicked out when they closed. We didn't end up buying anything, obviously, cause we're broke. And we ended up using that stainless steel as our backsplash, but a fun place nonetheless.

Claire said...

Hi, I actually found you through favorite book choices. Hooray, we're a match on A Prayer For Owen Meany. Yay us!
My husband and I are currently tiling our bathroom so I feel your pain. I love the retro choice you've made. They'll go great in your house.
Sadly we don't have an antique house, ours is only about 20 years old. For that reason we went with slate but if I'd had my druthers I'd have gone with something with a vintage feel.

I'm bookmarking your blog so I can see your progress. Good luck in the tiling!