attic fun, days 2, 3 & 4

days two & three

pretty much more of the same on days two and three - just slowly removing the insulation from each cavity between the joists. the picture below is the entire north side of the attic behind the knee walls all finished.

day 4

day four was our final day off from work. we were really hoping to get all the insulation out by this day but unfortunately we did not. i think had we not tried to use that damn machine we would've accomplished our goal. oh well, you live & learn, right?

the picture below is the attic looking west, end of day 4. all cleaned out except for the middle section under the flooring. so, technically, there is probably another day of work ahead of us. ripping out the floor and then doing the same with the insulation under there. after that we're going to shop-vac the small stuff left behind.

cleaned out drop ceiling, end of day 4. this is interesting - under here is the pantry that is original to the house. ~
our final load at the dump. how cool is that trailer?

here is the load. disgusting. also - doesn't look like much, that's a whole days worth of work right there! of course, the insulation is compacted. i feel badly that we had to take this stuff to the dump because i do consider myself an environmentally conscious person. if you have a problem with this let me know, present your case and i'll gladly go ahead and defend our actions. otherwise, i'll just let it go. :)

so our next steps? finish taking out the old insulation, shop-vac and then contact the guys who foamed in the insulation last time. remember this?

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