May is Preservation Month

Bush Stadium, built in 1931, was one of the greatest minor league parks in the nation.
When the Indianapolis Indians moved downtown to Victory Field in 1996,
the stadium was left empty. This was added to the 10 Most Endangered List
released a few days ago by Historic Landmarks Foundation.

May is Preservation Month! Today we attended a lecture sponsored by the Historic Landmarks Foundation. The lecture was led by the Executive Director of the Preservation Resource Center of New Orleans. She talked about some of the historic neighborhoods in New Orleans, how her organization and the National Historic Trust have teamed to help reduce the number of demolished homes in the aftermath of Katrina. She also discussed the importance of historic preservation planning before a disaster occurs. An important part of her group's mission at this point is advocating and educating homeowners about the pros of rehabilitating their home instead of tearing down and building new. This is something that many people could use a lesson on in many cities around the country (in my humble opinion).

Open up this link for some great before and after pictures of cute shotgun homes in New Orleans. And be sure to check out your local preservation office for special lectures and/or classes to celebrate Preservation Month!

P.S. The lecture included a complimentary dinner from Yats. omg. If you ever visit Indy be sure to make it to this restaurant. It is quick, cheap, local and so freakin' tasty.

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