attic fun, day 1

day one
during day one we removed all the batting, some of the larger pieces of paneling and wood that were just sitting around from previous demolition efforts and sucked up some of the wool & cellulose as was shown in the previous post. here are some pics of what the attic looked like after day one's work was completed.

attic from far end looking east, day one. you can see the closet framing & insulation batting are gone! really opens the space. ~

attic looking west, day one. batting removed from knee walls and ceiling. ~

now this is what we had to contend with. you can see the joists along the floor. we had to remove all that insulation by hand. good times. ~

below is the same space as the picture directly above just from a different angle. you can see what it looks like once we removed the insulation between the joists. you can also see where i gave up at the end of day one (the left hand side, i was supposed to go all the way to the planks in the middle of the room). i just couldn't take it the dirt, heat or dust any longer. ~

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DYSB said...

What a mess....I've been slowly pulling out the fiberglass insulation in parts of our attic.

When they put in our new roof they cut a few inches off the decking along the top ridge to allow air to escape through the new ridge vent. What I neglected to anticipate was the complete and total mess it caused in our attic.

Now we have to have attic clean-up day as there are shards of wood and soot everywhere.

Just in time for summer.