community supported agriculture in irvington

i am so excited because this year we've decided to participate in a community supported agriculture (CSA) right here in our neighborhood. last year i wrote my graduate thesis on how CSAs can contribute to revitalization in urban and rural areas. (uh, if you're interested in reading a 100+ page paper on this topic just let me know. i'm sure my in-box will fill right up.)

researching this paper i learned so much about the "evils" of our corporate food system, from seeds to distribution of the produce. even buying organics isn't the best way to go - buying as much local produce from near-by (hopefully independently owned) farms is a much better way to contribute positively to the environment and your local economy. the local economy is a vital but often overlooked element of the environmental argument.

omg. sorry about the tangent on my soapbox.

my point is this: YEAH!! we got our first pick-up today. albeit very small since it is so early in the season and it has been a bit cool lately. how fun is it to walk up to some one's house in your neighborhood and walk away with fresh produce from a near-by farm? i love it.

this time we got: potatoes, eggs, asparagus, mint, chives and popcorn. i hear by mid-summer i'll have so much food i won't know what to do with it. thank God that i know a lot of vegetarians to share the goods with later.

ps: please note the great basket. got it as a gift for Christmas and it is coming in handy now!
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I love asparagus.....except of course for the ...um side effects.

By the way, I'm totally kicking your butt in posts this month.