obviously my two-posts-per-week goal is too much for me.  i must try to aim lower.

we have indeed been working on the house.  still slowly despite the fact that baby will be here in about five months.  yikes.  we have a lot of work to do.  our two most important projects BB (before baby) are the bathroom renovation and the baby room.

the bathroom update:
we finally received our custom color sample a few weeks ago:

it is difficult to tell on the picture but there actually is a difference between the two colors.  the smaller one is a bit more blue and the larger one is more of a green-blue color.  so we're going with the larger one.  this will be the color for the subs on bathroom walls and shower, trimmed in black tile.  now we've asked for a floor tile in the same color.  hopefully that won't take us months like these two beauties.  we ordered and received (!!!) our radiant floor heating system.  SOOOO excited about that. 

baby room update:
well, as you may remember, there are two places in the ceiling that need fixed as well as one place on the wall.  there was also a ton of junk in the room.  it was our holding area, NEVER to be viewed by persons that do not live here.  we managed to sift through and donate most of it.  thank God for amvets.  love that place.  they pick your junk up for you!!  so great as i'm not a host-a-garage-sale type of gal.  too much work.  chad filled the holes from our insulation project.  and last weekend he dremmeled (that's a word, isn't it?) a portion of our plaster ceiling away in prep for drywall. 

for some reason i removed the ENTIRE house of wallpaper except for a small portion of this bedroom.  so i must do that soon.  then chad will work on replacing some of the walls with drywall.  there was water damage or something at some point previous to our ownership.

other than that we've been working on the yard, a garden specifically.  i decided to ditch the CSA this year and focus on growing the items i know i'll eat.  and then let the local farmer's markets fill in the gaps.  i chose a spot near our future outdoor dining area.  chad poured a concrete barrier to build the bed up a bit and steer the water in the correct direction.

this is a pic of the garden today.  and i already picked my first strawberry!

till next time.  hopefully not a month from now.  no promises. 

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