ah, my new friend, the hole.

i haven't written lately. that's because i hate this house. yesterday it had me in tears.
but enough about me!! i want to introduce you to our recent house guest. here's my new friend that decided to come and stay last weekend. it's called a hole. in our ceiling.

ahh, but please. don't worry about our new semi-permanent house guest (becuase let's be realistic here people. this thing could be a part of our lives for a long time) he decided to stake out his living quarters right next to his step-brother. whom we like to call "the place in our ceiling where we have exposed lath and no plaster."

yes, i think they will become good, good friends. lucky us.


Emily said...

Oh my gosh! What happenend? Did your lovely husband pull the plaster down, or did it come down on its own? Don't feel bad because I can totally relate to you. It's good that you gave the hole a name; it will become a part of your life. We have "The 4 holes in the library" and "Giant hole where a door used to be" and "Holes in the Butler's Pantry where you can see into the Basement."

G8rAlly said...

Ahhh, THE HOLE! All good old houses have a HOLE at one time or another. Mine was under one window in the living room, where I removed the entire section of drywall so I could repair the rotten stud holding up the window stool. (The whole project began with me noticing a few mushrooms were growing out of the exterior window trim. One thing led to another....and ultimately THE HOLE was born). Little did I know how long THE HOLE would stick around. Like, for about a year. I hid it with a (large) piece of furniture until I finally redid the living room, at which time I patched the HOLE and lots of other defects.

Sandy said...

Oh dear!