weekly update

this week seemed SOOO long. here's a summary:

work sucked this week, so i'm sure that had something to do with it.  plus i haven't been sleeping well with this pregnancy and it is making for long days and short nights.  no fun.

bathroom - we're getting a 9" x 9" sample of the layout of the floor tile.  i'm excited because we picked out two of the colors and the third is a color that was a custom color for another customer that he thinks will look good with our choices. crossing our fingers!

baby room - today i am finishing stripping the wall paper from the final wall in the house, in the baby room. why i thought i was finished with the wall paper is beyond me. 

our newest nephew was born this week!  cole matthew.  and he is the most adorable thing ever.

i finally finished organizing my scrabook and card making supplies.  last year i organized them on our gorilla shelves in the breakfast nook.  but in preparation of bottles and other feeding necessities for baby, i'm thinking more storage will be necessary in the kitchen.  so i "stole" an old built-in cabinet chad brought home and took it over for my personal use.  it is now my craft storage in the basement:

    i know this is kind-of weird but i work in an old building retail building that has been repurposed as several offices.  anyway, i love features of the bathroom in the lobby so i took pictures:

love the schoolhouse lights!  not sure if they're original or not but i love them either way.

and this old wood door and marble partitions.  so old-timey.  i promise i was NOT using the restroom when i took this picture.  gross.  the restroom did have the original sinks with the original hardware until about a week ago.  so i thought i should take pics of these before they are gone too (but hopefully they will remain).

 i'm off to strip paper....till next time....

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Those schoolhouse lights are fabulous!! Your home is beautiful. I admire the work you have done.