new couch

it was requested that i show a pic of the new couch in our living room. i apologize ahead of time for the poor lighting in the pictures. which is why i'm taking a photography class!

here's our old couch. still in good shape for the most part. now it will reside in my mom's cabin in the woods. don't ask. it was her couch to begin with anyways. and for her hospitality at letting me/us use it for the past 9 years, i threw in the couch cover we've been using, as seen piled in a heap on the couch. how nice am i?

here's the new couch. seriously, so sorry for the lighting. this room is so weird that i can't get the lighting correct with my point and shoot camera. you get the point though, the couch is much more our style. although it was bigger than i expected it to be. we almost could not move it through the front door. which made me laugh - the thought of nice leather couch on the front porch was funny to me.

one day when we have the floors refinished, the custom made tables and the walls painted i'll take a better picture! until then i will be happy with this major purchase out of the way!


b. said...

Aha, I see that your Irvington bungalow looks a lot like my Irvington bungalow--I have the same living room front window and those cabinets (and fireplace?) along the side wall. Thank you--you are giving me great decorating ideas! Congrats on the new couch!

Danielle and Clint said...

Wow! It looks great! Good choice!!

Anonymous said...

Ooooh, I love it! It changes the entire room!! Congrats to you both.

Anonymous said...

Love your new couch! It looks very comfy.