help us save a church!!

i know i haven't written in a while - but you should be used to that by now! what have we been up to? buying stuff for the bathroom (seriously, don't you love rejuvenation?). chad finished redoing the siding on the garage bump-out. not to mention he finally finished the fence!! pictures to come.
the real reason i'm writing is to inform any local readers about an eastside church that is being threatened for demolition. i've lived on the eastside of Indianapolis almost my whole life. i have driven by this church a million times. i was a matron of honor in my best friend's wedding in this church. guess where this picture was taken from.....the parking lot of a walgreens. take a wild guess what is proposed for the spot where this church has stood since 1914? a cvs. gross!!!!
help us save the church! if you are local and you have a connection to this church and you want to make a difference in saving history then please write a letter to the Indianapolis Historic Preservation Commission by November 3. even better, attend the public hearing on November 4 and tell your story in person!!! read about this issue here.


Danielle and Clint said...

Don't we have enough of those places around??? Seriously? This is a gorgous chuch!! I hope you guys can save it!!

Garden Monkey said...

You should begin an application form to have the church listed on the local register (if you've got one) that way the amount of paperwork and cultural/historical surveying that will need to be done by developers will be so overwhelming they will just give up.
Any HPC should be familiar with listing a structure, if they aren't I would suggest going to the state historical society, in MN we have a State Historical Preservation Office that oversees everything like that.
Hope you can keep it up!!

carmen said...

thanks for the comments! i hope it can be saved. chad is actually working on an emergency designation which is why we need the support of the community! i hope people agree that we have enough "every place" drugstores that the area can survive without one more!

Karen Anne said...

Good luck.

What is it with drugstores, historic buildings seem to be magnets for them.

I read the article, and I sympathize with the congregation abut their money problems. Is there no way for a local preservation group to buy the building and use it for something appropriate? There must be tax credits, federal or state, that could be used.

justme said...

just now reading this--what's the status of the church?

Larry R said...

It's a beautiful church, I live Martinsville and have visited the church before. I write a blog about inspecting basements, crawlspaces,and foundations in the Midwest. http://basementsolutions.blogspot.com I really like your blog and was interested in swapping links with you. Email me americrawl2003@yahoo.com back if you are interested.

Larry Ralph

Anonymous said...

That's too bad. The church is a beautiful old building.


Griff said...

We hope everything worked out with the church! I agree with Danielle & Clint...it is a beautiful church.