guest bedroom

last weekend chad's best friend and his wife came to visit. which meant we had to get the guest bedroom in working order. there is no plaster on two of the walls in our guest bedroom - only exposed lath. we bought drywall to finish off the parts with no plaster about four months ago. too bad by last weekend the drywall (some 12' long) were still sitting in the same place - blocking access to the bed. i suggested just setting the Little Giant next to the drywall so they could climb the ladder over the drywall and into the bed. chad did not think this was funny.

instead we just moved it to the side wall, cleared out the tools and the baseboards, and cleaned.
and you know what? our guests didn't complain (not to our faces anyways).

the other (*sigh*) issue about staying at our house is the fact that our bathroom still hasn't been renovated. we have to turn the toilet on and off at the valve in order to flush. poor guests. i had to leave them this note on how to use the toilet. JUST the thing you want to see after a long flight. haha!

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tracey said...

I think the exposed lath kind of looks like exposed brick. it gives the room nice texture!

p.s. I love that armoire, where ever did you get it?