attic work, i've lost count

i used to number the posts related to the attic work but i've honestly lost count. so far this year we've unfinished the circa 1960 finished attic. we've ripped out, bagged up and sweated through removing countless truckloads worth of insulation. then we took a few months of any work on the house due to finances.

now the attic work is back on. yeah! which is how we were introduced to our friend, the hole. right now the house work is focused back on the attic as chad shop-vacs the cavities between the joists to make sure we get ALL the old nasty insulation outta there as well as the loose plaster keys.

we're set to have a quote from our insulation guys later this month. here's hoping all this work makes the less dust and cozy toes this coming winter!


Ryan said...

Wow, great blog. Boring night before the elections, just skimmed the whole thing.

We just moved into a bungalow in neighboring Emerson Heights between little flower and Irvington one month ago today. We are also a young couple with a dog, having been out of college and married for 1-1/2 years.

Totally agree that insulation is one of the big projects worth tackling in the area.

Good luck with all yours and Chad's projects. Who knows if we will still be saying this in 4 years, but the bungalows really do seem like a great alternative to new construction. So much charm and history, and also there is the environmental side of it as you are renovating something special, rather than just throwing up a cheap new home at the same price.

Dan Fritschen said...

There are a few great things about fixing up your attic.it is out of the way space..so even if it takes you years to get it dosent have to interrupt your daily life "downstairs". Also since you have to deal with strange roof lines, vent pipes, the resulting space it usually far more interesting and fun than a standard cube room downstairs or in the the basement. I like fixing up attics so much i wrote a book The Attic Remodeling Workbook available at www.remodelormove.com and at www.amazon.com.

I also made a attic finishing cost calculator to help people get a rough estimate of the cost..it is at www.remodelestimates.com