our ole' screen door

this is our original screen door for the back door off the kitchen. when we moved in this was found in the garage along with some storm windows. we recently had a quote done for weatherizing all of our outside entrance doors as well as stripping two of the doors. there are a few things that we just are not going to tackle ourselves and stripping doors is one of them. at the last minute chad handed this screen door over to the door guys. we went and visited the workshop this week and here's our door! besides the insulation this is the first project we've contracted out and let me tell you. it felt good. how nice to leave something in one condition and get it back in better condition! this is so novel for us.

i wish we would've taken a before pic but it was so last minute that we decided to have it stripped. we'll still need to install a new screen and we'll also paint or stain this once we do the same to the outside trim on the house. but can i tell you how excited i am that we are going to be able to have breeze come through the kitchen this summer? yeah!!

we also went to the workshop to view some doors that are being refinished for some of the houses chad is working on for work.

for some reason, i pictured this guy working with steel wool and a little can of stripper. how stupid of me. you can see what this door looked like on one side and then how it appears after the stripper has worked its magic. he says this door is very old wood and probably dates back to the late 1800s.


Di said...

I just recently took doors to be stripped too. It cost a small fortune, but how wonderful not to have to deal with such a tedious and time-consuming job! It was definitely worth the money. Enjoy your door!

tinysprouts.com said...

that is amazing! I LOVE old doors. so excited to see that screen door on your house. nothing better than wooden screen doors and beadboard!

bungalow_bliss said...

Wow, amazing! What a beautiful door...so glad the POs kept it in the garage for you guys to revive later!

Mickey R said...

Where did you take them?

Chad Lethig said...

We took our doors to Greg at The Front Gate. Here is his contact info:
4416 E. 21st Street
Indianapolis, IN 46218
Phone: 317- 357-3578 (shop)
317-578-9789 (cell)
Web: www.thefrontgateindy.com
Tell him you spoke to us and he will take good care of you.

ever-re said...

The door turned out great!
renovation project