Weekend Work

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With the weather so wonderful this weekend (is that an alliteration?) we decided to start some work on the attic in preparation for the insulation we're going to have foamed in eventually. Gotta complete that envelope. Basically Chad tore out this little room that the POs had used as a closet when the adult son was using the attic has his bedroom. You can see the walls/insulation still standing (adjacent to the brick) in the first picture (top) and not standing in the bottom picture. The plywood is actually the entrance to the front part of the house. The next step is to rent a dumpster to haul the debris and then suck (or bag it) all the insulation that is between the ceiling joists (attic floor). Good times in our future. I'm not looking forward to this project - surprise - but it will be great to see if this cuts down on the amount of dust that collects on the main floor of the house.

Before After

The other project we worked on was installing some landscaping in the backyard. As far as I know this was impromptu. We were given the limestone last year by a co-worker at the time. I thought for sure this pile of rocks would lay in our back yard for years but, ta da, here it is in an actual landscape. We ordered a good amount of plants for some parts of the yard so soon (we promise neighbors) our house will start to look not-so-sucky on the outside.
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Jennifer said...

We have piles of that same limestone! We have 4 pallets of it (gotten for free like you)... we've been using it for EVERYTHING. I like the way it looks with your brick!

DYSB said...

Guess who's ignoring their own blog? Me that's who!

carmen said...

jennifer - we weren't too crazy about that stone when we first got it but it's hard to ignore the price (FREE). now that it is in i'm really happy with the way that it looks!

dysb - seriously. BLOG damn it! i know you've been doing work. we want to see it!